Published online: Feb 25, 2010
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Web Exclusive
The IPC recently debuted its newly enhanced website, which includes innovative as well as improved resources for consumers, retailers, foodservice professionals and industry members.
"We are proud to be 'spud central' for home cooks and potato pros, alike," said Frank Muir, President/CEO, IPC. "Whether you've come to our site for personal or professional purposes, visitors to
www.idahopotato.com will enjoy its fresh, easy-to-navigate layout which has hundreds of recipes, tips, nutrition information, industry news and even a kids' page."
Retailers looking to pump up their sales have a dedicated website loaded with resources and tools they can download. Information on promotions like the IPC's Potato Lover's Month Retail Display Contest, POS kits, a handy size guide and the new Shippers/Processors directory are all readily available in one convenient location.
The Idaho potato foodservice industry also has its own website with an exciting, new addition: Dr. Potato, a blog written by the IPC's resident "potato doctor" Don Odiorne, VP Foodservice, IPC. Visit the foodservice site to submit questions and view Dr. Potato's recent diagnoses. Both commercial and non-commercial operators looking for innovative ideas for enhancing their menus can easily peruse recipes, view "how to" videos, secure the latest Shippers/Processors directory as well as read (and subscribe to) the IPC's quarterly newsletter, The Rave Review.