Published online: Jan 14, 2010
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With descriptions of a sluggish economy, a slow recovery and tighter margins as common themes among most agricultural commodities, higher prices seem less probable and cash flow concerns and anemic sales more likely for many Pacific Northwest producers.
The following highlights depict the general health of select industries included in Market Snapshots, which are published by Northwest FCS' Knowledge Center. Read all Market Snapshots at for more context and comprehensive review.
Potatoes: Excellent yields and quality are the hallmark of the 2010 Idaho potato crop. Washington potato crops - while more variable in quality - share a common struggle with Idaho: declining prices. In Idaho, year-over-year potato production was up 13 percent, boosted by higher potato acres and record yields. Conversely potato acres and quality were down in Washington. Reflecting the affects of an early season frost, variability in Washington potato quality is significant, with variation by locale, farmer and field.
Other reports are available for beef, wheat, dairy, hay and more.
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