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Published in the December 2009 Issue Published online: Dec 16, 2009
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In just a few months, the snow will recede and the ground will need to be disked and prepared for the new growing season. We've looked around for some of the best sprayers out there for 2010, as well as nozzles to make the job with your current sprayer a little easier, and have provided them for you.

Company: CASE IH

Product: Patriot 3230

Synopsis: With the introduction of the new Patriot 3230 sprayer, Case IH offers farmers and customer applicators alike the timely and accurate performance of its larger Patriot sprayers in an 800-gallon configuration.

Although the 3230 is the smallest of the Patriot sprayers, Case IH powers the Patriot 3230 sprayer with a new 6.7-liter, 220-hp, electronically controlled diesel engine. This turbocharged, after-cooled power plant puts out 752-foot-pounds of peak torque.

All Case IH Patriot sprayers offer superior control of product application with multiple features that contribute to spray performance such as precision control of boom height, rapid changes in spray nozzle rate, GPS-guided boom-section control, and even fully automated steering for the ultimate in convenience and accuracy.

The 3230 is equipped with an 800-gallon, space-saving elliptical product tank available in either stainless steel or poly construction. Add a 5-percent overflow capacity, you get a total volume of 843 U.S. gallons for the poly tank and 850 U.S. gallons for the stainless steel tank.

Operators will enjoy a Case IH Surveyor cab with all the same amenities found in the cabs of larger Patriot sprayers. The Patriot 3230 sprayer is also available with the Case IH AFS AccuGuide ready option. When equipped with Case IH autoguidance, operators are more efficient because automated steering reduces stress and lets operators concentrate on application rather than steering. By reducing the number of skips and overlaps, AFS AccuGuide saves on fuel and chemical input costs.

Users can also choose the AIM Command spray system. It is a patented innovation in spray technology that multiplies the utility of a standard chemical boom, providing precise spray with complete control.

Phone: (877) 422-7344



Company: Equipment Technologies

Product: APACHE AS1010

Synopsis: The improved AS1010 model features a smooth-shifting, six-speed transmission and an impressive 215-hp Cummins engine-perfect for operators looking to leap into the larger sprayer segment.

Apache sprayers utilize a torque-converted transmission combined with all-gear, mechanical drive, allowing take-off in any gear range and multiplied engine torque up to two times when needed for hilly terrain.
Apache sprayers are unencumbered by the complex lines, pumps and problems of hydrostatic drives. As a result, operators benefit from virtually trouble-free operation: fewer repairs, lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

The patented hydraulic suspension in the front and rear gives the Apache the best ride in the industry. The hydraulic suspension also has an anti-sway feature designed to keep the axle and frame parallel to each other when making a sharp turn, thus keeping the boom level and out of the dirt.

In redesigning the Apache line, engineers pushed the envelope of sprayer potential. Each of the models have powerful engines ranging from 155 to 275 hp, and either a four-speed or six-speed, torque-converted Powershift transmission.

A full range of options ensures the performance that best matches unique demands. Plus ET is one of the world's largest sellers of Raven components, with factory-installed options. This way, they undergo the same exhaustive quality control testing as all parts of the machines and come ready to use at dealer delivery.

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Company: Miller St. Nazianz

Product: Condor G Series with Spray-Air

Synopsis: Miller has been serving growers for more than a century, and has not only kept up with the changes growers have faced over the years, but has also worked hard to anticipate them. Miller offers a comprehensive line of sprayers that have earned a reputation for quality, innovation and long-lasting durability.

To power the new Condor G Series sprayers, the engine is specifically tailored to meet requirements for reliability, high rise and good fuel economy. The Cummins QSB 6.7 Liter engine does just that through the use of a full-authority electronic control, and a high-pressure, common-rail fuel system.

The Condor G40 model is available with either a 42- or 48-inch crop clearance, depending on whether you've chosen a rear axle equipped with angle drive shafts or with heavy-duty cast iron drop boxes. Equip the Condor G40 with up to 100 feet of Spray-Air air boom, and the G75 with up to 120 feet of Spray-Air air-boom technology to improve application efficiency and generate a superior return on investment.

Spray-Air technology is not just an air-assist sprayer, nor is it just an air-atomizing sprayer. It is a much more powerful and versatile application tool, combining the benefits of both air-assist and air-atomization into one powerful spray nozzle system.

When coverage is critical, and deep-canopy penetration is needed to kill the target pest, be it weed, disease or insect, look no further than to Miller's Spray-Air air boom technology.

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Company: Valmar

Product: Valmar Airflo

Synopsis: Valmar Airflo Inc. designs and manufactures granular applicators for fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, seed, seed inoculant and forage preservatives. Their products are used by farm producers, commercial operators and agriculture research specialists.

Valmar Airflo offers two commercial-sized, pull-type air boom spreaders for potato and other row crop producers, the 5500 and 7600 Airflo granular applicators.

Both models feature precise metering rates and uniform product placement across the application width. This is achieved by means of a mechanical ground- or hydraulic motor-driven, positive-displacement metering system, feeding product to individual venturi and then into the boom system for delivery to the broadcast deflectors. These booms provide even distribution regardless of moderate wind, uneven topography, varying bulk-density fertilizer blends, changing rates, application speeds, etc. Both models feature metering and boom systems made of 309-grade and the hoppers are painted 409-grade stainless steel.

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Sprayer Nozzle

Company: Greenleaf Technologies

Product: TurboDrop TwinFan nozzle

Synopsis: The TurboDrop TwinFan (TDTF) nozzle is designed specifically for penetrating dense canopies and providing improved coverage with fungicides in crops like potatoes.

Potato leaves must be thoroughly covered with fungicide throughout the plant canopy to achieve an adequate level of protection. Both the TurboDrop TwinFan and the Airmix TwinFan nozzles have been designed specifically for penetrating the canopy and providing improved coverage throughout the canopy.

The TurboDrop TwinFan is the only air injection nozzle designed specifically for high-pressure canopy penetration. It will create the 200-300 micron (fine to medium) droplet spectrum required at 80-120 psi. It may also be used at lower pressures (30-70 psi) for herbicide applications where a coarser droplet is desired for even better drift control.

The AirMix TwinFan is designed for sprayers that are not capable of high pressure. At 60-90 psi the AMTF will produce the appropriate droplet size for fungicides; at 20-50 psi the AMTF will provide a courser spray for herbicides.

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