Published online: Dec 09, 2009
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Web Exclusive
BASF and the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) yesterday unveiled a scholarship program designed to help its recipients pursue a career in agricultural aviation. BASF partnered with the NAAA to develop and establish the scholarship program. 
"BASF and the NAAA are each devoted to sustaining and improving the field of agricultural aviation," said Jim Gaffney, BASF Technical Market Manager. "This scholarship presents an opportunity for us to work together to help foster scenarios in which new pilots are provided with a foundation for success in the field of aerial application." 
BASF will provide a $5,000 grant to the scholarship program each year for three years, beginning in 2011. Scholarship winners -- the number of which may vary from year to year -- will be selected by NAAA, and must use awarded funds for either flight training or agriculture-related coursework at a university, college, community college or other institution of higher learning.
The goal of the scholarship is to assist NAAA operators to bring new pilots into the field and help in their training to become a successful aerial applicator. Each scholarship entrant will need to be sponsored by an NAAA member. 
"The contribution from BASF means a great deal to the National Agricultural Aviation Association, but it is going to mean even more to the industry," said
Andrew D. Moore, Executive Director of NAAA. "This scholarship will help sustain the aerial application industry by bringing in new pilots while also enhancing education and professionalism. BASF has long been an important proponent of agricultural aviation, and we're pleased to partner with them to help shape the future."