Published online: Dec 10, 2009
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To promote continued advancements in the aerial application industry, BASF presented its findings on best practices for optimizing aerial application of crop protection products yesterday at the National Agricultural Aviation Association's (NAAA) 43rd Annual Convention. Best practices were identified by working hand-in-hand with aerial applicators.  
BASF leads an effort to evaluate research and investments in various tools, technologies and services in the aerial application industry. The evaluation has led to recommendations that include methods for minimizing drift and other non-target incidents, maximizing efficacy, improving efficiency for the operator, and promoting stewardship for the industry. 
"This information is valuable for applicators looking for ways to meet the many challenges facing them in their industry by making informed decisions about their aircraft and operation," said Jim Gaffney, Ph.D., BASF Technical Market Manager, who presented the findings of BASF at the NAAA Convention. 
Through a review of mapping technologies, BASF specifically helped to identify standards that applicators may use to determine route visibility, obstacles and wind direction before leaving the ground. Studies were reviewed to evaluate application volume, application equipment, droplet size and coverage for impact on efficacy and drift potential, as well as efficiency for the aerial operator. The evaluation of initiatives to improve participation in the Operation Self-regulating Application and Flight Efficiency (S.A.F.E.) fly-in workshops and other industry programs were also incorporated into the research.
"Based on the results of these evaluations and initiatives, we believe the agricultural aviation industry has the tools and technology available to help meet the needs and expectations of a diverse group of customers, which include growers, regulators and the public," Gaffney said.
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