Triad WindGen Makes Debut

Published in the November 2009 Issue Published online: Nov 06, 2009
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ALDA, Neb.-Triad WindGen made its public debut at Husker Harvest Days 2009 where tens of thousands of attendees, including Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman, got their first views of the 10kW wind turbine.

Merrick Machine Company, under the brand name Triad WindGen, developed and introduced the new, revolutionary wind power generation system. The Triad WindGen turbine uses the proven technology of a legacy design to give a conventional look that is aesthetically pleasing and acceptable to both the owner and neighbors. Attendees often commented that the look "doesn't change their landscape" and the system "looks like it fits."

By utilizing rugged metal construction for a free-standing lattice-style tower, there is no need for guy-wires and their associated big foot-print. Also, any maintenance work can be done with the tower standing, unlike other systems on the market which have to be lowered and raised with cranes every time work has to be done on the turbine head.

With on-grid and off-grid capabilities, the Triad WindGen system has the ability to make the end user money and save them money.

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