Published online: Oct 26, 2009
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One of United Potato Growers of America's 10 member cooperatives has launched an aggressive membership recruitment campaign that requires it to reach 80 percent of all fresh potato acres represented.
As of this writing, United Potato Growers of Idaho has reached 78 percent membership. Idaho co-op leaders have extended the enlistment timeline to October 30-the end of this week-saying that this deadline is final. If the Idaho co-op does not reach 80 percent fresh acreage represented, it will disband.
"No matter what the outcome of United of Idaho's membership campaign, United Potato Growers of America will continue its mission," said Allen Floyd, UPGA chairman. "We encourage Idaho growers to join United and continue reaping the benefits of cooperative supply management under the provisions of the Capper-Volstead Act. That said, our organization will continue to thrive and progress should Idaho growers not support their co-op through membership."
The agreement is available at the following link: