Published online: Sep 02, 2009
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Agricultural Summary - Idaho's potato harvest has begun for many farmers with Russet Norkotah potatoes in the Treasure Valley and the Magic Valley.
Precipitation totals for the week ending August 23 were below normal for most stations. Rupert recorded the greatest accumulation at 0.56 inches. Average weekly temperatures ranged from 3 degrees below normal to 5 degrees above normal. Major agricultural activities included irrigating, caring for livestock, and harvesting alfalfa, dry beans, small grains and potatoes.


Soil Moisture and Days Suitable for Fieldwork
Reports indicate topsoil moisture to be 6 percent very short, 28 percent short, 64 percent adequate, and 2 percent surplus. Statewide, Idaho farmers had an average of 6.5 days suitable for fieldwork last week.