Published online: Sep 08, 2009
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Web Exclusive
A new, liquid formulation of the widely used sprout-inhibitor CIPC has been introduced in the United States by DECCO Post Harvest. DECCO 280 Aerosol, the only liquid CIPC available, has been approved by the U.S. EPA for treatment of potatoes for sprout inhibition during storage using an aerosol generator.
DECCO 280 Aerosol is a unique formulation that combines DECCO's high-purity CIPC with specialized surfactants to provide all of the benefits of liquid formulations without the drawbacks that caused the industry to switch from liquids to solids many years ago. Compared to solid formulations, DECCO 280 provides:
-More uniform product deposition throughout the potato pile
-Higher residue levels for greater activity
-Cleaner and more efficient application
-Lower temperature window for applications
Moreover, experience has shown that residues of the liquid formulation degrade at a slower rate than solids, resulting in longer-lasting activity. Application of DECCO 280 must be made after the curing period, and for best results, before peeping/sprouting begins. Ongoing research is being conducted by DECCO Post Harvest to discover additional benefits of the liquid CIPC to assist storage owners and managers in maintaining high-quality, sprout-free potatoes during storage.
The company's solid-formulation CIPC, DECCO 271, will continue to be available, but with an updated product label. For further information on DECCO 280 and DECCO 271, as well as other DECCO Post Harvest products and services, contact JD Salling, Western U.S. Territory Manager, (509) 899-2200 Email:, or John Holowid, Eastern U.S. Territory Manager, (814) 720-5763 Email: