Agro-K Changes Name of Phosphite Product Line

Published in the September 2009 Issue Published online: Sep 07, 2009 Fertilizer
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Agro-K Corporation originally introduced a comprehensive line of systemic phosphite-based foliar nutrients in 2001, under the "Vigor-Phos" brand (Vigor-Cal-Phos, Vigor-Zinc-Phos, etc.).

To more accurately reflect the unique systemic benefits of these highly effective nutrient products, Agro-K is changing the name of this product line to the Sysstem brand. The following product labels (Sysstem-Cal, Sysstem-Zinc, Sysstem-Mag, Sysstem-Manganese and Sysstem-K) were introduced into eastern markets in 2008 and were expanded to western markets in 2009.

By linking nutrients (calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese and potassium), to the phosphite ion, nutrients are more rapidly taken up through plant tissue, actively translocated and highly systemic within the plant. Because these products are true nutrient-based phosphites, growers can more effectively target application timing of each nutrient to its peak demand window in the crop and to the needs of each different cropping system. The Sysstem has and will continue to assist growers in maximizing crop quality and sustainable yields.