New Fertilizer Coulter From Yetter

Published in the July 2009 Issue Published online: Jul 05, 2009 New Products, Potato Equipment
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The new 2987 Magnum Fertilizer Coulter from Yetter Manufacturing allows producers to fertilize at faster application rates and with minimal soil disturbance. The Magnum offers growers the ability to cover more acres per day, increasing productivity and requiring less fuel during operation.

The single-disc design of the 2987 Magnum has a lower draft requirement than many conventional fertilizer application tools and takes less horsepower to operate.

"Lower horsepower requirements help the Magnum achieve high-speed fertilizer application with minimal soil disturbance," said Derek Allensworth, Yetter marketing manager.

"In our field tests with growers, the Magnum has been applying fertilizer at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour."

The Magnum coulter is set at a 5-degree angle and uses a 22-inch blade to cut through surface residue and into the soil.

A fertilizer knife is available for anhydrous, liquid or dry application. The Magnum knife uses a self-adjusting, floating scraper with a carbide tip for extended wear.

The Magnum operates at an application depth of 4 to 6 inches, which producers can control by adjusting the toolbar height. A spring-loaded, cast-closing wheel is used to close and seal the slot opened by the blade and knife.

Less soil disturbance is another valuable attribute of the 2987 Magnum's single-disc design. Reduced disturbance means more ground cover is preserved, reducing opportunity for erosion. The lightly tilled soil retains a higher level of moisture and carbon. Weed germination is also slowed when soil is not overworked.

"Producers looking for faster application rates, lower soil disturbance and the ability to side-dress early and plant without an extra tillage pass will find the 2987 Magnum from Yetter Manufacturing the perfect fit to their operation," said Allensworth.