Published online: Jul 16, 2009
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The familiar sounds of baseball-the crack of the bat and the thud of baseball hitting leather-were momentarily superseded Friday night by the unworldly sound of 39,203 fans setting the Guinness World Record for most potato chips crunched at once during Friday night's Mets-Reds game at Citi Field, courtesy of an in-game promotion sponsored by Wise Snacks.
At 7:35 p.m. EDT, in the middle of the second inning, fans were instructed to open the .75-oz. bags of Wise Potato Chips given to them upon entry, and participate in the Big City Crunch, the culmination of a two-month New York City promotional campaign developed by Wise' sports marketing agency, Source Communications.
According to Danny Girton Jr., the adjudication manager on-site from Guinness, there was a definite crunch sound from all over the ballpark and, based upon both the audible and visual evidence, Mr. Girton certified the world record.
Founded in 1921, Wise Foods, Inc. is a privately held company based in Berwick, PA, that makes and sells salty snacks. Well-known for its potato chips, Wise offers other salty snack products including puffed cheese snacks, popcorn, tortilla chips and corn chips produced under the Wise, NY Deli, Ridgies, Cheez Doodles, Dipsy Doodles, Bravos and Cheez Waffies brand names. Wise Foods is majority owned by Palladium Equity Partners, a New York City-based private equity firm. For more information, visit