McCormick Launches XTX Series

An evolution of a longstanding favorite

Published in the July 2009 Issue Published online: Jul 05, 2009 New Products, Potato Equipment
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In an evolution of its popular mid-sized tractor lineup, McCormick USA introduces the new XTX Series-built with more power and performance options that enable it to easily handle myriad of tasks around the farm.

The new XTX Series is an extension of the popular MTX series, and is designed with features that enhance fuel efficiency and dependable delivery of power to the ground. The XTX Series is comprised of two models: the XTX 145 and XTX 165, which come standard 145-hp and 162-hp engine, respectively.

Both tractors feature the powerful and modern Tier 3-compliant McCormick BetaPower 6.75-liter, 6-cylinder, turbo-charged, 24-valve engines with electronic Common Rail fuel injection systems, says Wayne Buchberger, vice president of product management and sales control. Add in a Power Management system that provides extra power to accommodate the needs of the PTO-driven implements, and the XTX delivers effective horsepower of 165 and 171-standard in the same tractors.

"We've designed these tractors to handle difficult working conditions," Buchberger says. "One of the ways we've engineered extra strength into these units is through the use of a full-cast frame. The major advantage of the full frame is that the engine is isolation-or ISO-mounted, thus reducing noise and vibration. And because it is carried by the frame, the engine doesn't undergo all the stresses of load and torsion that tractors built with structural engines must endure in holding the front and back halves of the tractor together."

Buchberger adds that the design approach of a full frame is particularly beneficial to customers who plan to do a lot of loader work, as the extra stresses from loader applications are not forced to be carried by or transferred through the engine.


With the new XTX Series, McCormick is revitalizing its tractor lineup with scientifically engineered, carefully crafted and well-thought-out details.

"All this adds up to better productivity, improved fuel efficiency and ultimately, better profitability," Buchberger adds.

The new XTX Series features the innovative and dependable McCormick Xtraspeed transmission, which delivers 32 speeds through four synchronized ranges and eight full power shifts under load in each range. It also includes a standard full power hydraulic shuttle with Neutral and Park positions that allows the operator to reverse direction without having to use the clutch.

"The 32 speeds give the operator a more efficient transmission," Buchberger says. "The XTX allows you to increase your speed by 17 percent per gear, which delivers a better match of speed to application than you could get from a typical full power shift system, which has fewer gear choices."

The XTX Series is engineered with 9 gears between 4 and 8 mph, and with the overlap in ranges, an operator should never have to shift ranges once in the field. The Economy Roading feature also is a big plus in fuel efficiency, as it lowers the engine's RPM in transport mode to save fuel, yet still maintains plenty of power in reserve for climbing steep hills without shifting down.


The new XTX models come standard with a large, comfortable, two-door cab to provide excellent 360-degree visibility.

Further expanding on creature comforts, the XTX features a steering column with adjustable tilt and telescope, a standard air-ride premium seat and an air conditioning system with ergonomic controls that are easy to find and operate.

"As versatile as the XTX is in its standard configuration, the new series also offers operators plenty of customizable options," Buchberger says.

For example, the "E Plus" option makes it possible to more precisely adjust hydraulics and add the electronic shifting feature. A "Creeper" option on the transmission provides 48 gears forward and 40 in reverse. And the XTX can also be equipped with a suspended front axle thanks to the McCormick independent, electronically controlled front suspension option.

"This ensures a higher level of comfort and also greater safety and control," Buchberger says. "The wheels stay in full contact with the ground, even in tough conditions. Each wheel benefits from an independent hydraulic suspension system to insure proper and full performance."

As thoughtfully as McCormick engineers designed overall performance into the tractors, they also invested much time into making the operator more efficient and comfortable. The XTX may be ordered with an optional cab that is equipped with an electronically controlled suspension system that absorbs bumps and adjusts for both the weight of the driver and the slope on which the tractor is operating.

The introduction of the new XTX Series is part of the largest product launches in the history of McCormick. The company offers more than 45 models of tractors ranging from 28- to 213-hp to meet the unique needs of large and small-acre applications.

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When operating conditions are tough and input costs are high, as they are today, it's more important than ever to make sure your tractor is as efficient and durable as possible.

But equipment like crop harvesters that run off the tractor's power take off (PTO) can rob you of horsepower, particularly in more difficult applications.

That's why McCormick engineered a Power Management system into its new XTX line of mid-size, full-frame tractors, says Wayne Buchberger, vice president of product management and sales control for McCormick. The electronic system measures the PTO demand on the engine based on the working conditions and then adjusts for those variables. This means you don't sacrifice traction horsepower for PTO horsepower.

"When demand for power increases in difficult working conditions, the engine's electronic fuel injection control system solidly answers that request," Buchberger says. "As a result, the operator will see an automatic boost in power to overcome load and preserve a constant power on the PTO. Power Management provides the combined advantages of an additional power boost and a more fuel efficient controlled performance."

Thus the two new XTX Series models, which deliver engine horsepower of 145 and 162, respectively, are able to deliver total horsepower of 165 and 171 through the Power Boost, Buchberger says.

"This increases your efficiency because it better matches your RPMs and your groundspeed to your application without having to purchase a larger unit and burn the related extra fuel unnecessarily," Buchberger says.