New Generation of Traits Improves Weed Management

Published in the April 2009 Issue Published online: Apr 30, 2009 Herbicide, New Products
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The discovery of new glyphosate and other herbicide resistance transgenes is providing more weed management options to growers of crops, according to a report published in Weed Science.

New glyphosate-resistant crops confer greater crop safety to multiple glyphosate applications, higher rates and wider application timings, the report said. Many of these crops will also have glyphosate resistance stacked with traits that confer resistance to herbicides with other modes of actions to expand the utility of existing herbicides and to increase the number of mixture options that can delay the evolution of glyphosate-resistant weeds. Some breeding stacks of herbicide resistance traits are currently available, but the trend in the future will be to combine resistance genes in molecular stacks.