National Survey Reveals America's Favorite Vegetable

Published in the April 2009 Issue Published online: Apr 30, 2009
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EAGLE, Idaho-Any way you slice it, dice it, mash it or fry it, a new survey by the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) reveals that Americans love their spuds. There's no doubt, potatoes remain a relished dish on the national table-survey results confirm that potatoes are "America's favorite vegetable." When asked to select their favorite vegetable, consumers picked potatoes (26 percent), corn (19 percent) and broccoli (17 percent).

So, how do we savor our spuds? When it comes to cooking up the tuber, Americans keep it simple. Mashed potatoes (28 percent) and baked potatoes (25 percent) top the list of preferred preparations, with french fries (20 percent), home fries/hash browns (10 percent) and potato chips (5 percent) following.

At about 25 cents per Idaho potato, each 5.3 oz spud has only 110 calories, contains zero fat and zero cholesterol, 45 percent daily value of vitamin C, nearly two times as much potassium as a banana, fiber and vitamin B6-a win for your wallet and your waistline.

The USDA recommends the average adult eat about 2 1/2 cups of vegetables per day. A recent survey by the Idaho Potato Commission found that 98 percent of American adults DO eat their veggies, and potatoes top the list as "America's favorite vegetable." The survey of adults 18-plus found that 95 percent of Americans who eat potatoes savor the spud at least two days per week.

Survey conducted by Kelton Research.