Companies to Develop Dicamba-based Formulation Technologies

BASF, Monsanto make agreement on weed control products

Published in the April 2009 Issue Published online: Apr 30, 2009 Herbicide
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BASF and Monsanto Company announced a new joint-licensing agreement to accelerate the development of the next-generation of dicamba-based weed control chemistry products. Both parties will participate in the development of innovative formulations for dicamba for use with herbicide-resistant cropping systems. Researchers are able to make herbicide-resistant crops using plant biotechnology and advanced plant breeding to enable growers to control weeds more efficiently.

Crops that are resistant to both Roundup agricultural herbicides and dicamba would represent the next generation of herbicide-resistant crops to deliver significant on-farm benefits to growers.

Improved formulations of dicamba are being developed to complement this new combination of herbicide-resistant crops.

"We are very excited to actively participate in developing innovative solutions for this next-generation cropping system for growers," said Emmanuel Butstraen, group vice president, Global Strategic Marketing, Herbicides, for BASF's Crop Protection division.

BASF is currently the largest provider of dicamba and dicamba-based solutions. The company plans to launch its herbicide KixorTM in North America in 2009.

"Effective weed control is critical for increasing crop yields to meet the growing global demand for food, feed and fuel," said Sean Gardner, Monsanto's Global Chemistry lead.

"Combining a second type of herbicide resistance with Roundup Ready technology would offer growers multiple tools for weed control though the use of Roundup, dicamba or combinations of both herbicides."

Monsanto is working to develop dicamba-resistant soybean and cotton products to combine with its current Roundup Ready products.

Both products would provide a new, unique way to control broadleaf weeds, designed to provide growers with an effective and high-yielding weed management system.