Case IH Announces Early Riser 36- and 32-Row Planters

New design offers more of everything growers want

Published in the April 2009 Issue Published online: Apr 30, 2009
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More rows, more maneuverability, more stability during transport, more frame flexibility, more configurations, and in general, more of everything are what growers should expect from the new 36-row and 32-row Case IH Early Riser 1260 planters.

The 36-row model is available in 20-, 22- and 30-inch rows and the 32-row planter has 30-inch rows. Thanks to a new front-fold design, the 1260 transports as narrow as 13-feet 8-inches, while the new, steerable rear-axle option helps the 1260 follow the same path as the tractor during turns.

The 1260's new dual-purpose wing gauge wheels is a smart design feature growers will appreciate. Instead of hanging in the air without serving a purpose, the gauge wheels double as transport wheels. The result is that a Case IH Early Riser 1260 planter tows like a trailer, with much less weight on the hitch.

The new scissor-hitch is another smart design feature on the 1260 planters. This dual-purpose hitch lifts the toolbar to the level position and automatically captures and locks in the wings, without any additional steps or effort.

Both the wing and carrier wheels on the 1260 planters are walking tandem wheels, for improved stability and better ground-following ability. And similar to the smaller Early Riser front-fold planters, the new 1260 models have an outer wing flex of 20 degrees upward and downward for great flexibility.

With the pneumatic down-pressure control option on the new Case IH 1260 planters, the operator can adjust the pressure up or down from the comfort of the cab. The new AFS AccuRow control option-which allows automatic row shut-off based on GPS-also is controlled from the AFS Pro 600. In addition, growers can adjust seeding rates from the cab, with the push of an up or down arrow on the Case IH AFS Pro 600 display.

The front-fold toolbar was designed by Case IH engineers to be rugged, resilient and ideally matched with Early Riser row units. Another industry exclusive on the new Early Riser 1260 front-fold planters: the Case IH Advanced Seed Meter system. This highly advanced vacuum meter system features a larger diameter, slower turning seed disk, providing unmatched seed placement accuracy for a wide range of seed sizes, regardless of seed type, even at faster than normal speeds.

Every Case IH Early Riser 1260 planter comes standard with two central fill, 60-bushel hoppers, for 120 bushels of seed capacity-up to 20 bushels more than the competition. An optional 600-gallon liquid fertilizer tank is available on all 1260 configurations.

The 1260 36-row model is the first Case IH Early Riser planter available with 22-inch rows.