Commission Focuses on Wallets, Waistlines

Promotional tagline, 25-cent message

Published in the March 2009 Issue Published online: Mar 31, 2009 Frank Muir, IPC President and CEO
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The slowing economy has made headlines for months and I don't believe there is a person in this country who has not been impacted by it.

With no end in sight, corporations and consumers alike are making changes in the way they operate their businesses and manage their lifestyles to stay profitable and secure until the market turns around. The Commission is no exception.

I recently met with our advertising/public relations agency to review the marketing plan that was approved last summer and make sure that it is still relevant today. The recession did not happen overnight and most of the programs we introduced for the 2008-09 fiscal year were created to communicate to consumers the value of an Idaho potato.

However, to make sure consumers clearly know the two most important attributes of an Idaho potato-its affordability and superior nutrient profile-we've developed a catchy new tagline: "Watching Wallets and Waistlines" that will drive our programming and creative strategy for at least the remainder of the year.

This tagline will be supported by our two primary key messages:

  • Make sure you are buying Idaho by looking for the "Grown in Idaho" seal.
  • For less than 25 cents, one Idaho potato has only 110 calories and provides an abundance of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, potassium, fiber, protein, vitamin B6 and carbohydrates.

These messages are the driving force behind our public relations initiatives. Here is an overview of just some of our current programs and how we're communicating the Idaho potato's superior affordability and nutrient profile:


Atlanta Falcons Fullback Ovie Mughelli recently conducted more than 20 radio and television interviews and shared his recipe for Idaho Potato Skins. He explained how at just 25 cents each, Idaho potatoes are the perfect food to serve at a Super Bowl party.


A number of recipes in our database have been identified as "recession-proof." They are affordable, convenient and versatile and have been distributed to food reporters across the country. These recipes will be designated on the Idaho Potato Commission website,, with a symbol of a quarter.


The new widget Dishin' Nutrition with Denise Austin is housed on the IPC website, provides daily lifestyle tips and "recession-proof" recipes.


Our spokeswomen, Denise Austin and Dawn Wells, recently conducted over 50 radio and television interviews. Both celebrities communicated the nutritive value of Idaho potatoes and emphasized that one potato costs less than 25 cents.

As the year unfolds, we will continue to incorporate these key messages into our existing programs as well as look for new and different opportunities to remind consumers to purchase Idaho potatoes.