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Published in the February 2009 Issue Published online: Feb 28, 2009 Irrigation, New Products
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Each February the magazine takes on the issue of irrigation. Here is information from a number of companies that assist in the processes of how water flows.


The new Rain Bird DB Series Wire Connector reduces irrigation system installation time and the potential for wire connector-related service callbacks.

Because reliable wire connections are critical for the proper functioning of many irrigation system components, the DB Series is designed for a variety of applications. The DB Series handles wire connections on a two-wire decoder system and has a UL 486D certification with a rating up to 600 volts.

The DB series also includes a snap-tight Strain Relief that keeps wires from pulling apart, while waterproof silicone gel protects wires against corrosion. An integrated wire nut automatically seats wires in one step, and an indicator ensures that wires are stripped to the proper length, virtually eliminating the possibility of over-stripped, exposed wires that can cause trouble later.

Manufactured of UV-material, the DB Series Wire Connector will not degrade even after prolonged exposure to the sun's rays.

Visit www.rainbird.com or call 800-RAINBIRD.



Neptune Chemical Pump Co., Inc. has published a 10-page brochure on the full line of Tacmina PZ Series electronic metering pumps. The full-color literature details the PZ line's control options and its sizes and pressures (from 1 to 1300 ml/min at pressures up to 220 psi).

The Series PZ pulse metering pumps are for injection of a variety of liquids including chemicals, nutrients and disinfectants. The patented PZ pump's flow rate and accuracy are unaffected by fluctuations in voltage; it will operate any single-phase voltage from 94 to 264 VAC.

The PZ pumps are available in manual control, external input and programmable models.

Models PZD-32/52 and all PZiG models have built-in calibration and allow direct entry of feed rate in ml/min. The Flow Checker is available to measure flow on the smaller models.

All of the control features are onboard every programmable model pump-including pH control and residual chlorine control-without requiring a separate PID controller. Full schematic diagrams for control options are featured in the brochure.

The PZ-07 brochure allows users to select a pump for their application based on capacity / pressure / viscosity tables.

For complete specifications on the full line of PZ Electronic Metering Pumps, request Bulletin PZ-07.

Call 888-3NEPTUNE or 215-699-8700 or fax 800-255-4017 or 215-699-0370.

E-mail pump@neptune1.com or visit www.neptune1.com.



T-Systems International, Inc., the manufacturer of T-Tape branded products, has introduced the Drip-Micro Irrigation Payback Wizard.

It is an online resource that in as few as four steps provides estimates of how long it will take to recover the costs of investing in a drip-micro irrigation system. It will also estimate how many additional acres could be irrigated to conserve water.

T-Systems along side other industry manufacturers worked to develop the tool so interested Drip-Micro Irrigation customers could determine the potential return on investment. In as few as four steps, the tool analyzes a grower's investment potential based on five criteria: state, crop, number of acres, current irrigation type (either sprinkler, gravity or mechanized) and water cost per acre foot.

"Water consumption and savings are always top of mind. T-Systems wanted to invest in an educational tool that quickly and efficiently gave potential customers a way to evaluate their savings when considering a drip-micro system for the first time," according to marketing manager Alicia Gillman.

"Investing in efficient irrigation technologies like T-Tape, can help growers worldwide save money while optimizing yield and quality. Tools like the Drip-Micro Irrigation Payback Wizard can demonstrate that savings and work to reassure potential new Drip-Micro customers that they are making a wise investment in their business."

Visit the Drip-Micro Irrigation Payback Wizard at www.irrigation.org/dripwizard.


Irrigation Association Forms Political Action Committee

FALLS CHURCH, Va.-The Irrigation Association's Board of Directors approved the formation of the Irrigation Association Political Action Committee (IrrigationPAC), during a meeting at Irrigation Show 2008.

IrrigationPAC is a non-partisan, voluntary, political action committee created to help IA achieve its legislative objectives and increase the industry's visibility with elected officials and political candidates at the federal level.

"IrrigationPAC is a necessary and useful tool for the Irrigation Association to become the recognized authority on irrigation," said president Stephen W. Smith. "Increasing our presence with elected officials and policy makers will help IA promote the message of efficient irrigation and better water management."

The PAC will be headed by John Farner, federal affairs director for IA, under the direction of IrrigationPAC's Board of Advisors.

To receive regular updates and to authorize IA to communicate directly with your company's executives about IrrigationPAC, contact IA federal affairs director John Farner at 703-536-7080 or john@irrigation.org.


Irrigation Association PAC

The organization is to:

  • support the election or reelection of U.S. congressional candidates who share a commitment to efficient irrigation.
  • educate policymakers about the economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation.
  • represent industry stakeholders' interests and take a leadership role in the water management debate.



  1. To add pressure regulators to compensate for pressure fluctuations and stabilize flowrate
  2. To replace old technology for better irrigation efficiency.
  3. To improve irrigation uniformity
  4. To operate at lower pressure and save energy
  5. To improve crop yield and get a higher return per acre
  6. To adjust gallonage to match soil and crop requirements
  7. To replace worn out sprinklers and nozzles
  8. To minimize operating costs
  9. To take advantage of local power utility cost-sharing programs
  10. To reduce runoff and solve wheel-tracking problems

Source: Nelson Irrigation



Getting water where it needs to go. Growers recognize that is at the core of irrigation. To help meet that objective, Zimmatic from Lindsay Irrigation offers Z-Trax, a system Zimmatic product manager Rick Provaznik describes as "a method for increasing the floatation of the center pivot by three times what the largest tires can provide."

Provaznik continues, "It retrofits to existing systems and allows for a larger footprint and less ground pressure than other options."

Q: What makes Z-Trax different from other wheel systems?
A: Z-Trax is a tread design that allows for even distribution of weight and a much smaller tower track.

Q: Why is Z-Trax a good fit for potato growers?
A: Great fit for potato growers who irrigate late in the season and build deep tracks in mid-to-late summer. As potatoes are grown in areas with heavy soils, frequent irrigation will cause rutting and system shutdown.

Q: What implications / requirements would a grower need in order for Z-Trax to be installed?
A: Customers need to have 6 5/8" or larger pipe diameter and brands of pivots that have structural integrity to manage the track system. As the Z-Trax has a larger footprint a stronger system is required to manage the load placed on the system. Certain light-weight brands can not handle the Trax and are not recommended to placed on them.

Q: What is the best way for growers to get more information on Z-Trax?
A: To get more information on Z-Trax, visit www.Zimmatic.com and look into tracking solutions for details. Also contact the local Zimmatic dealer to get pricing and design considerations.