Published online: Feb 27, 2009
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Giant supermarket chain Tesco plc agrees, naming Vales Sovereign its Variety of the Year in its annual fresh produce category awards.

The institute researchers say the oval-shaped potato is resistant to high levels of disease and is cheap and easy to grow.

Vales Sovereign was bred for both flavor and versatility and is a good 'all rounder.' It works well in any potato recipes and is especially good mashed or baked in the jacket. It has a creamy taste and a soft, velvety texture.

Greenvale AP, the UK's largest supplier of fresh potatoes, says Vales Sovereign has been well received by growers and consumers alike.

"The variety has proved to be a robust performer on unirrigated land and has a reduced requirement for nitrogen fertilizer, qualities which are hugely important for the environment and control of growing costs," Greenvale technical director Paul Coleman says.

After successful trials in 2007 it had sales of 25,000 tonnes last year and is projected to sell 40,000 tonnes this year,

"This potato is a milestone in farming history as it will allow growers a large yield for a relatively small outlay while being environmentally sound," Tesco potato buyer Jonathan Corbett says. "It is also a real coup for Scotland where it was bred and may one day go down in agricultural history."