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Revus Top among company offerings

Published in the January 2009 Issue Published online: Jan 27, 2009
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It was a busy summer at the Miller Research location in Acequia, Idaho. Jeff and Terry Miller worked with a number of Syngenta products on their potato trials.

In July, Syngenta sales representatives and the Millers hosted a Knowledge Exchange Plot field day for growers and university researchers. Over 100 attendees came to see firsthand how the products were working and to learn about the new products coming out.

Allan Landon, Syngenta sales representative in Idaho Falls, Idaho, believes that Revus Top fungicide is really big this year.  



Growers can look forward to this new fungicide for their 2009 crops. Revus Top offers an exceptional, broad-spectrum control of many foliar diseases, including early blight and late blight.

Revus Top contains two highly active ingredients, mandipropamid and difenoconazole, that have been pre-mixed for more convenient disease control. In addition, Revus Top is being used on black mold, leaf spots, anthracnose and black dot among others.

It is good for growers to know that this new technology in Revus Top provides disease control despite adverse weather conditions. An adjuvant is recommended.  



When soil-applied insecticides were making the scene, Endigo had not made its appearance yet. Landon says if Endigo had been here it would have made a huge difference.

"It is a new enhanced product, a combo of Warrior and Actara. The thing that sets it apart for competition is that it has full rates of products in the mixture. We call it an enhanced product because it combines two active ingredients. We have had excellent results this year. Everyone loved it," he said.

"One grower had bad beetles and they sprayed once and they were controlled."

Landon also says growers should pay attention to the resistance potential.

Following are expressed advantages of the product.

 Effective rotational product for insect resistance management

 Provides quick knockdown and lasting residual control

 Convenient and easy way to clean up fields at the end of the season

 Ideal use window from full bloom to cutout

By combining lambda-cyhalothrin and thiamethoxam, Endigo is known as effective for knockdown and residual control. It has two modes of action to protect against key mid- to late-season insect pests.

Most who used Endigo said they were going to soil insecticides because they are less expensive.



This insecticide is another enhanced product that is twice as concentrated so just half the rate is needed.

The product is the replacement for Warrior, which had advanced pyrethroid chemistry when it was launched. Now Warrior II with Zeon Technology has a new standard for insect control.

With 2.08 lbs. of lambda-cyhalothrin per gallon, the insecticide provides better storage, handling and container disposal advantages. 
Warrior II with Zeon Technology delivers superior performance with a broad crop and pest label. Its modern, patented formulation gives quick pest knockdown and longer-lasting control.

Landon says it is a very robust formulation and that is a good thing. Modes of application includes ground spray and chemigation. It is also recommended that a surfactant be added. 


This brand-new formulation of Platinum 75 SG insecticide is a solulable granule formulation with less packaging for less product to handle. Landon says it had limited trials this year and that growers were happy with how it mixed.

"The flexibility is excellent . it can be put on in-furrow, markout, chemigation and at hilling . it offers the flexibility that other insecticides don't offer," he says.

Platinum 75 SG is a highly-concentrated formulation of thiamethoxam that provides growers with protection against Colorado potato beetles, leafhoppers, flea beatles wireworms and aphids. With minimal impact on beneficial insects, Platinum 75SG is ideal for Integrated Pest Management programs. It is applied at low use rates and is highly systemic.

In addition, Platinum 75 SG is compatible with other crop protection products and exhibits excellent residual control.


Boundary herbicide is a Dual Magnum plus Sencor in an EC formulation. It offers "good control with a nice formulation," Landon says. "Everyone I talked with liked how it worked and how easy it was to mix."

The soil-applied herbicide optimizes early season weed control performance and offers excellent crop tolerance and rotation flexibility.

With Boundary, growers can extend their post application window to four to seven weeks after planting so fields are cleaner and yields are protected. 

Boundary 6.5EC fills the gap between planting and post herbicide application because it contains two non-ALS inhibiting chemistries for managing tough weeds like waterhemp, pigweed, foxtails and black nightshade.

One grower at the Acequia demo in July said he liked the ease in mixing because it is an EC formulation and can go two-way or three-way.

There was also positive acknowledgement of Pamela J.S. Hutchinson, University of Idaho weed specialist, who uses it on her field plot studies with excellent results and who recommends Boundary. 


Syngenta is working on Reflex trials and hope to have more information later in the year for growers.  



Voliam Flexi is a soil insecticide with a new mode of action. It is registered and ready to go. "This formulation introduces a whole new chemistry, a CTPR which is a new active ingredient," explains Landon. "This is an enhanced product with two active ingredients. Flexi will be softer for Colorado potato beetles, worms, beetles and aphids."

In October, Syngenta brand manager John Koenig presented information on the insecticide Voliam Flexi at a media event in Florida.

Following is information taken from his presentation.



Voliam Flexi is a new, broad-spectrum, foliar-applied insecticide controlling key lepidopteran, sucking and chewing insect pests in potatoes, pome fruit, stone fruit and grapes.

Its complementary modes of action control Colorado potato beetles, aphids, leafhoppers, armyworms, psyllas, codling moths, oriental fruit moths, peach twig borers and plum curculios.



This product contains the active ingredient chlorantraniliprole and is the result of collaboration between DuPont and Syngenta to provide broad-spectrum insect control solutions globally.

It is designed to deliver optimum rates of active ingredients to deliver optimum performance

Chlorantraniliprole represents a new mode of action for lepidopteran pests, activating insect ryanodine receptors. 

Voliam Flexi contains an additional mode of action to broaden the spectrum of insect control; provide alternatives to OPs, carbamates and organochlorines and provide insect resistance management tools.



The active ingredients are chlorantraniliprole and thiamethoxam, which combine with a 1:1 ratio. The insecticide's formulation is 40 percent water-dispersible granule (40 WG). The rate is 4.0 - 7.0 oz/A.

Voliam Flexi has a foliar application method and Trans-stemic movement to create an insecticide reservoir within leaves.