Stolleursa Launches Site For Bio-Forge

Published in the January 2009 Issue Published online: Jan 27, 2009
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TAMPA, Fla.-StollerUSA hopes to increase awareness of the benefits of its Bio-Forge product line through the use of its new interactive micro site,

"It is a clear and visual way to demonstrate how farmers can increase their yield potential with Bio-Forge," explains marketing director Jeff Morgan. "Farmers select the crop and the stress challenge they are facing. The website animation demonstrates how Bio-Forge impacts the chosen crop in their specific situation."

As Morgan noted, growers are facing a variety of stressors from drought and extreme heat to high moisture and herbicide drift. The site-and Bio-Forge-address all of these issues, including insects and pests.

The site also includes an overview of Stoller's proprietary technology, plant growth cycles and hormone balance.

The site details the university research that confirms the results growers are seeing when using Bio-Forge in their fields. During the 2008 crop year Bio-Forge was applied to over 250,000 acres of corn and soybeans. Data is organized by crop type and highlights the yield increases seen in various trials.

Discussion between growers is encouraged on the blog section of the site.