Autofarm Introduces Reflex Technology

Published in the January 2009 Issue Published online: Jan 27, 2009
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FREMONT, Calif.-Reflex Technology from AutoFarm provides continuity of position solution to maintain automated steering by seamlessly "flexing" to a lower accuracy mode when a higher accuracy mode is lost, such as loss of the RTK radio link.  

Reflex offers multiple signal selection, allowing the operator to jump from RTK to WAAS with blockage, or OmniSTAR to WAAS. 

"What we find is if you get too close to a large area of trees or buildings we might temporarily lose signal. The Reflex technology allows us to `flex' back to either a WAAS or OmniSTAR system. We might temporarily lose a little bit of accuracy but we have zero downtime as far as assisted steering is concerned," says Dustin Ehler of Ehler Bros. Fertilizer Co., in Thomasboro, Ill.

Ehler Bros. Fertilizer has been testing the AutoFarm FarmPRO GPS Steering and Application Control System with Reflex Technology. Ehler Bros., an independent custom applicator and retailer in the seed business, has covered about 20,000 acres with the system.