Published online: Jul 23, 2008 Todd Versteeg / Performance Marketing
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RIVERSIDE, Calif.--Registration is still open for Toro's third annual "Success Without Excess" WaterSmart Symposium. Educational topics related to agricultural water-saving techniques will be discussed on Wednesday, July 30.

The symposium will be broadcast via the Internet, allowing attendees the flexibility of logging in to the presentations most relevant to their specific interests. To register for this event, attendees can go online to

"The focus of the irrigation industry continues to change with regards to water availability and cost issues," says Christine Canepa, director of marketing for Toro Irrigation.

"Now, more than ever, we need to be aware of new laws, regulations and technologies that impact our industry. This symposium is an opportunity for agricultural professionals to hear about best practices from around the globe, strengthening their businesses and preparing them for the changing irrigation environment."

Held during the Irrigation Association's Smart Irrigation Month, the 2008 WaterSmart symposium has invited industry experts to present on a variety of topics affecting worldwide water management and the irrigation industry.

Presenters will include Stephen Smith, vice president and chairman of Aqua Engineering, who will discuss federal funding to improve ag irrigation efficiency; Inge Bisconer, chair of the Irrigation Association's Drip/Micro Common Interest Group who will share about the group's Drip Wizard; and Rodney Ruskin, CEO of Geoflow, who will cover SDI Innovations and the Environment.

Issues related to water management and irrigation best practices for the commercial and residential landscaping markets will be held on Tuesday, July 29. Sessions related to water-saving best practices for the golf course market will be covered on the morning of Wednesday, July 30.

It's not too late to attend. Register for "Success Without Excess III" online at