Published online: Jan 02, 2008 Alan Harman
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The U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) estimates Maine's growers harvested some 1.65 billion pounds of potatoes, down from 1.79 billion pounds.

NASS data shows Maine growers planted 57,100 acres, down 1,400 acres from 2006. They harvested 57,000 acres, down from 58,000 a year earlier.

Production in North Dakota was down 7 percent to 2.37 billion pounds, the NASS figures show, with the crop dug from 91,000 acres, also a 7 percent decrease on the year before.

North Dakota's production this year would be topped only by Idaho with 13.16 billion pounds, Washington with 10.23 billion pounds and Wisconsin at 2.81 billion pounds.

NASS reports 2007 production estimated at 448.8 million pounds, up from 441.3 million in 2006.