Published online: Dec 04, 2007
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Miller Research Crop Pest Management Workshop
Dec.11, 2007
Best Western Conference Center
800 N. Overland Ave.; Burley, Idaho

For all potato and sugarbeet growers and consultants:

Come to learn the latest information on managing pests of potato and sugar beets. Presentations will discuss the pros and cons of using chemical and cultural practices to manage diseases and insect pests of both crops.

There is no cost to attend this meeting.


8-9 New information on pink rot management.

8:30-9 Effect of metam sodium on potato disease control and sugar beet weed management.

9-9:30 Fungicides for controlling early blight and black dot in potato and secondary effects on white mold.

9:30-10 Fungicides for Rhizoctonia control in potatoes.

10-10:30 Insecticides for control of Colorado potato beetle and green peach aphid in potatoes.

10:30-11 New research for managing post-harvest diseases in potatoes.

11-11:30 Value of cultivation for weed control in RoundUp Ready sugar beets.

11:30-12 Seed treatment vs. in-furrow insecticides for insect control

Presentations will be given by Dr. Jeff Miller and Dr. Terry Miller and will focus on new results from fungicide and insecticide trials relating to product rates, application timing and methods, and strategies for avoiding the development of fungicide resistance in pest populations. Most of the research discussed here has been sponsored by the Idaho Potato Commission and Snake River Sugar Company.

Please RSVP to Jeff Miller at 208-531-5124 or by email at: