Published online: Jul 18, 2007 Syngenta
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GREENSBORO, N.C. - Syngenta Crop Protection announced brand names for its newest fungicides, both of which target diseases which often develop on vegetables and fruits during the growing season. These two products, as well as other new technologies and best practices, will be shown at the Syngenta plot tours taking place this summer and fall.
Revus, a new foliar fungicide, is intended for use as a preventive spray against downy mildew diseases on lettuce, brassica crops, onions, grapes and cucurbits.  Revus Top will control late blight and early blight on potatoes and tomatoes. Due to the ability to bond quickly to the wax layer of plants, Revus and Revus mixtures offer consistent disease control even under extreme weather conditions.
The second of the new fungicides, Inspire, uses a triazole mixture proven effective in other countries. Inspire and Inspire mixtures will provide broad spectrum control of leaf spots and powdery mildews while acting as resistance management tools in the pome fruit and vegetable industries. 
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