Published online: May 17, 2007
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PHILADELPHIA -- FMC Corporation announces that Capture LFR insecticide has received approval from the EPA for at-plant and lay-by insect pest control in potatoes. Capture LFR previously had a label for corn and numerous other vegetable crops.

"Potato growers have been looking for alternatives to control tough insect pests such as wireworms and white grubs with at-plant and lay-by applications," says Aaron Locker, Capture LFR product manager for FMC Agricultural Products Group in the United States. "Capture LFR offers an excellent way to protect the crop at two critical stages in its development."

With potato yield losses of hundreds of millions of dollars annually, this new option becomes an excellent tool to fit into overall pest management and Insect Resistance Management programs. In addition to controlling corn wireworm and tobacco wireworm at-plant, Capture LFR can be applied at lay-by to control tough potato pests such as Southern potato wireworms, Japanese beetle grubs, flea beetle larvae and white grubs.

The at-plant rate is 25.5 ounces per acre. The rate range at lay-by is from 4.2 to 12.75 ounces per acre depending upon the pest spectrum and intensity of infestation. Lay-by applications complement in-furrow applications to provide longer wireworm control.

When Capture LFR is applied as an in-furrow planting time treatment for wireworms, rootworms and white grubs, a rate of 25.5 ounces per acre should be used as an in-furrow spray or T-band spray at planting time. Do not apply more than 25.5 ounces per acre per season as an at-plant application. No more than 42 ounces per season should be used including at-plant and foliar applications. Capture LFR provides excellent length of control and is extremely effective at protecting potato yields.

Capture LFR is the most recent addition to the rapidly expanding portfolio of products that FMC offers for the potato industry. Visit cropsolutions.fmc.com.