Meiggs Appointed V.P. At GPP

Published online: Dec 05, 2006
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WINSLOW, ME -- Global Protein Products Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Ray S. Meiggs as Vice President of Marketing and Sales. "We are so pleased to have a man of such stature and experience in the potato industry join us," said Mark S. Kierstead, GPP's President.

Global Protein Products is a technology development company with offices in Winslow, ME and Marina, CA that produces and markets products maded from the natural polymer zein, the predominant storage protein in corn. GPP's current portfolio of zein-based products includes edible food coatings and agricultural aids that have direct application to the rapidly expanding number of products in the fresh-cut and value-added produce industries.

As the immediate past Chairman of the United States Potato Board, Meiggs brings to GPP his extensive background of experience in the potato industry.  "Global Protein Products has a number of innovative applications immediately relevant to production and marketing challenges that we face in the potato industry here at home and abroad," Meiggs said. "I am excited about introducing to growers and processors these ground-breaking products that are made from a natural and renewable resource, and which introduce healthy food solutions to both our industry and our consumers."


GPP has introduced one very successful product, PM223, a powder coating that prevents rot in seed potatoes at planting. Meiggs and his former business partners at Ferebee Farms in North Carolina introduced the product to the growers in that region in 2003.

The product is now used on 90 percent of the planted acres in NC as a result of its effectiveness in preventing seed piece decay in the cold, wet conditions so typical of the North Carolina planting season. GPP currently ships PM223 to 21 potato production states here in the United States.

Growth potential is significant in the North America and overseas. GPP is confident that Meiggs will carry PM223 into new market opportunities.


In addition to the seed coating product, GPP is currently engaged in commercial tests with major U.S. producers/processors with two new products for the potato industry. One product (ICEIN 111) maintains the color and freshness of "new potatoes" during shipment and arrests the browning of potatoes where the skins have been brushed away.

The second product (ICEIN P-100) maintains the brightness and fresh appearance of fresh-cut potato products for an extended shelf-life thus eliminating the need for the use of sulfites.

Meiggs was previously employed as the Sales Manager by Keystone Potato Products LLC. Keystone Potato Products is a new dehydration facility based in Pennsylvania and intends to introduce convenience and value-added potato products at retail in 2007.