PGI Reminds Industry To Vote November 7, 2006

Published online: Nov 02, 2006 PGI News Flash
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PGI would like to remind all growers and friends to vote Tuesday, November 7, 2006. This is an important election for the agricultural/potato industry in the state.

With the recent retirement of some prominent ag-friendly legislators, it is imperative that leaders who share a similar vision replace them. We need leaders who recognize and acknowledge that agriculture continues to be an important industry for the state's economy and interests.   


With the state's demographics and priorities slowly changing, PGI has worked hard to support candidates who are willing to be a voice for agriculture and rural Idaho.   



There have been many, many elections - not just on a local level - that have been decided by less than 100 votes. Your vote really matters. Please encourage your family, friends and neighbors to cast their ballot this year. 


PGI encourages its general membership to carefully study the issues and candidates in their respective counties.



As part of PGI's legislative representation to growers, PGI maintains its Potato PAC. In an effort to support the best candidates during both the primary and general elections in the state, PGI staff and Capitol West, personally meet with candidates to better understand their priorities and platform.

We also request growers' feedback. Because of certain regulations, PGI's Potato PAC is not allowed to give contributions to federal candidates, such as Mike Simpson and Bill Sali. To assist federal candidates, PGI works closely with the National Potato Council.


If you have any questions, please contact us at (208) 785-1110.