Idaho Sees Possible Bumper Crop

Published online: Jul 13, 2006
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Officials of United Potato Grower of Idaho are urging growers to participate in a yield, size and quality survey to determine early on if the 2006 crop is going to be above average or even a bumper crop.

Early indications have been given that the crop could come in above average based on planting and growing conditions.

UPGI is asking growers to volunteer to sample their own fields so the group can get an idea of what is taking place in the ground. The group wants to avoid a crop that would hurt grower returns after harvest.

Three surveys will be made, one on August 1, a second on August 21 and a third at harvest. Samples are to be pulled from every field, including every pivot. Results will be aggregated according to district.

Similar surveys will be made by other United co-op states and growing regions to get figures for national potential yields and quality.