New Cruiser Rates Provide Increased Flexibility

Published online: Mar 09, 2006
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GREENSBORO, NC - Cruiser seed treatment insecticide from Syngenta Crop Protection has received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for an expanded range of application rates in potatoes.

"The new rate structure for Cruiser will help growers respond to insect pressure on their farms," said Jerry Johnson, crop manager for Syngenta Seed Treatment. "The flexibility to appy Cruiser depending on the situation will help growers to maximize effeciency.

Included in the new rate structure is increased flexibility within specific seeding rates, allowing for a customized response to the level of pest pressur. Also, there are more detailed recommendations for lower seeding rates (16 to 20 cwt per acre). Please refer to your local Syngenta representative of the recently approved label for specific use instructions.

Cruiser offers long-lasting, broad-spectrum protection from potato insect pests including aphids, Colorado potato beetle, leafhoppers, potato psyllid, flea beetles, leafminers, whiteflies and wireworm (seed piece protection). Leafminers and whiteflies are new insects to the label. Cruiser protects the entire plent from economically damaging pests and the diseases they commonly vector by offering targeted pest protection and uniform results from day one.

Thiamethoxam, the active ingredient in Cruiser, is rapidly translocated throughoout the plant, providing protection through both contact and stomach activity. Treated insects show some unique behavioral responses after exposure.

Symptoms start 15-to-30 minutes after uptake in aphids and Colorado potato beetle. Feeding is irreversibly stopped; sucking insects withdraw their stylets, stretch their legs and move their antennae forward. Therefore, insect damage stops shortly after treatment. Death of the insect may occur within a few hours for some species, or require as long as 48 hours for others.

Cruiser is just one option from Syngenta's thiamethoxam portfolio for potatoes. Platinum in-furrow insecticide, Platinum Ridomil Gold combination insecticide/fungicide, and Actara foliar insecticide provide even more flexibility and convenience to fit the individual farming operations.

For more information on Cruiser contact your local Syngenta Seed Treatment representative, Syngenta Crop Protection representative or ask your local dealer.