Idaho To Hold Back Process Grade

Published online: Jul 01, 2005 UFPGI
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United Potato Growers of Idaho announced this week a plan to manage process-grade potatoes, including eliminators, from this year's crop to hold up process-grade prices.

Just as many sales desks sell to a few large buyers with the power in the hands of the buyers, United recognized that many growers selling process grade to a few dehydrators also leads to weak marketing.

The program already has a commitment of 5 million cwt. UFPGI is committed to market potatoes at a fair price for both the grower and processor.

The grower needs a price high enough for the process grade to contribute to his profits and the processor needs a price low enough to ensure his customers keep using product--mostly dehydrated potatoes.

UFPGI officials stated that the program will help processors by guaranteeing them a consistent supply and price.

UFPGI also made a request of growers not in the hold back to contact Kim Abend at (208) 535-8504, Eric Duffin at (208) 221-4445, or Jack Puyear at (208) 731-7054. It was pointed out that participating growers will need to store their process grade at harvest unless delivery arrangements are made.