Gellert Launches New Website

Published online: May 11, 2005 The Gellert Company
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Web Exclusive

The Gellert Company has launched a new website that brings informational resources and E-Commerce to the potato storage world. Gellert's Nathan Oberg describes the new website as "A terrific resource for anyone involved with the storage of agricultural commodities.

When someone thinks about storing potatoes, onions, grain or any other commodities all they need to know is" The new Gellert webpage will give customers the opportunity to learn more about storage management, keep on top of new innovations and technology, and purchase parts and equipment online.

"By making replacement parts and equipment available online, we can service all of our customers in the most efficient way possible." notes Oberg. Gellert carries a huge inventory of parts and accessories for their own equipment line as well as replacement parts for all other brands of storage equipment as well.

Oberg comments, "We can supply you with everything from A-to- Z. Whether you need a temperature sensor for a Gellert control panel, or parts for a `brand-x' humidifier we can get you what you need, and have it delivered right to your door."

Gellert views this new website as an internet resource that will provide both the equipment and the know-how that growers and storage managers need to maximize their success and profitability. Visit today to find out what Gellert can do for you!