Potatoes May Have Taken Lead As Pharmaceuticals

Published online: Feb 16, 2005
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Several national television networks have recently reported that the potato may be the crop of choice for the addition of gene enhancements for disease control.

While this concept isn't new to the potato industry, it is getting a push in some medical research circles. The reason is the potato is the easiest edible food to work with as medicinal carrier.

Of course since enviromentalists stopped the genetically enhanced A-fortified rice from getting to Asia to stop childhood blindness, there is no telling what they will or won't do to stop genetically enhanced potatoes from being used to carry medicines.

Another report stated the potato has such great natural properties, that studies of people who have eaten them religiously for a lifetime are showing how healthy they are into their late senior years.

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta is reportedly taking a serious look into the use of the potato for disease-control purposes. While this may be a unique concept in the use of potatoes, it's doubtful it will have a great enough effect to help commercial potato markets.