Canada Appears To Be Stalling On B.C. Fresh Trade

Published online: Jan 03, 2005
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Canada's Trade Tribunal released a statement in late December that it will probably take a full year to go through the steps of deciding how fresh potato trade from the United States will be allowed into British Columbia, Canada.

Washington growers in particular have been fighting trade distorting practices that slap U.S. potatoes with very heavy tariffs going into B.C.

While the Tribunal agreed to initiate an expiry review, it gave a step-by-step schedule that will push any decision into September. It lists the role of the Canada Border Services Agency. The first part of the schedule from December to the end of April will be the Border Service Agency's determination of continuing a "dumping" order.

Following the Border Service Agency's review, the Tribunal's inquiry is expected to follow, startring in mid-April and running until September 15. The review considers whole but not seed potatoes.

If the CBSA determines that the expiry of the order of goods is likely to result in continuation or resumption of dumping, the CBSA will provide the Tribunal with information required under the Canadian International Trade Tribunal Rules. The Tribunal will then conduct an inquiry to determine if the continued or resumed dumping is likely to result in injury or retardation.