Irish Set Certified Seed Only Rule

Published online: Dec 14, 2004
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The Irish government announced to maintain Ireland's status as a High-grade Seed Area, only certified basic seed may be planted from 2006.

Agriculture Minister Mary Couoghlan said arrangements would be made in respect of the farm-saved seed taking account of legislation and plant breeders' rights. All certified seed will be classified in accordnace with the Seed Potato Regulations.

The Ministry of Agriculture also announced charges for the seed potato sector next year.

A flat rate charge of 25 Euros (US$33.50) a hectare will now apply for Potato Cyst nematode samplng and testing. The charge for crop inspections will be 25 Euro a hectare for the first two visits and 20 Euro (US$26.80 a hectare for each extra visit.

The charges for tuber inspections will be 2.50 Euro (US$3.35) a ton with a minimum of 15 Euro (US$20.10) a visit and the charges for labeling will be 50 cents (67 U.S. cents) a label and a handling charge of five Euro (US$ 6.70) an order.

The Ministry said there is potential for a labeling refund depending on the use of labels.