Idaho Industry Getting Nervous With Overproduction

Published online: Dec 28, 2004
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Idaho's potato industry leadership is starting to get a little nervous about Idaho (and the nation's) overproduction problems.

Correspondence from the Potato Growers of Idaho today indicated that Idaho was still looking at ways to solve the overproduction problems--from one of the greatest yields--in the state's history. It is estimated at 7.5 million cwt.

PGI reports table stock 2004 disappearance is down 2.8 percent, frozen process usage is down 2.2 percent, and dehy down 6.2 percent.

However, the Market News Service is reporting that prices are holding at $14 per cwt for carton 40-70-count, and $7 per cwt for poly 10-pound bags.

PGI believes the supply is manageable but the key to making it so lies in a united and concerted effort to manage supply, according to the latest newsletter.

PGI re-emphasized that it is in the best interests of all growers to unite in working out a plan to manage supply and spread the responsibililty that will be equitable among grower who have already sold their potatoes and those who have stocks in storage.