Coalition Formed To Educate Consumers

Published online: Sep 22, 2004
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Eight large and influential agricultural groups announced September 21 they have joined forces to better educate Americans on the contributions today's farmers make in their everyday lives as well as the benefits of American farm policy.

Home Grown will demonstrate to American consumers that U.S. farming families provide 92 percent of American's food and fiber, the United States still enjoys the most affordable food and fiber products in the world, and today's farmers need existing policy to continue to provide these invaluable products.

"Home Grown" is not just about farmers who grow wheat, cotton, rice, sugarbeets or any single commodity," said Mark Gage, president of the National Association of Wheat Growers.

"With the full spectrum of agriculture involved, we will be 2 million unified voices sharing the stories of modern-day farming families and the benefits they provide for our country," said Gage.

Dee Vaughan, a Texas farmer and president of the National Corn Growers Asssociation, said this cooperation will make the Home Grown campaign a success.

"We want to make sure people have the right picture in their minds about farming and agriculture, Vaughan said. "They need to know that food in America is the most affordable in the world thanks to a strong federal farm policy and the highly efficient way U.S. farmers work.

"Americans need to know that farmers are stewards of the environment and current federal policy encourages environmentally friendly farming techniques. They need to know the small contribution of taxpayer dollars--about four cents per meal--supports a food and fiber industry that employs more than 20 million Americans."

So far the Farm Bureau, Corn, Cotton, Sugarbeet, Rice, soybean and wheat associations are participating. Other groups are welcome as well.