Russet Burbanks vs. Norkotahs--Difference Will Be Made

Published online: Aug 24, 2004 PGI
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After years of frustration over the pluses and minuses of growing Russet Burbanks and Norkotahs, Potato Growers of Idaho reports that the Federal/State Market News Service will begin separating them out for market price reporting purposes when there are price differences.

PGI's Executive Committee agrees that this marketing separation will be key to creating a premium price structure for Russet Burbanks. Growers of Russet Burbank believe this is necessary because of the higher cost to grow Russet Burbanks.

At the same time, the committee recognizes that all varieties grown in Idaho deserve the same promotion from the Idaho Potato Commission as being the country's best potatoes

PGI also noted in its newsletter that early harvesting of Shepody and Norkotah varieties are showing smaller size profiles than usual.

PGI is also advising growers to take precautions with late blight because another confirmation was just made in Power County. Bingham, Cassia and Minidoka counties have already had finds and confirmations.