CropLife America Gives More Reasonable Approach

Published online: Aug 02, 2004 CLA
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CropLife America, representing developers, manufacturers, formulations and distributors of plant science solutions, said the counterpart regulations to endangered animal and plant species offer a sensible approach.

CropLife said tested and approved pesticides are essential to agricultural production, pest management, public health and the environment--including wildlife.

One branch of the picture that has been left out is the use of pesticides to prevent game habitat destruction from invasive weed species. Use of pesticides protects endangered species by reducing the amount of land needed to produce the food we eat, thus preserving critical wildlife habitat.

Also, pesticides are crucial for control for non-native invasive species. These strangle native plants, take over wetland habitats, and deprive waterfowl and other wildlife of food sources.

Scientists, academics, and land managers consider invasive species to be one of the most serious enviornmental threats of the 21st century. Recently, researchers estimated the economic cost of invasive species to Americans is $137 billion every year.

CropLife America said it was fully supportive of sensible, scientifically sound efforts to preserve endangered and threatened species and their habitats.

Finalization of this regulation will assure compliance of the pesticide process with the Endangered Species Act and establish a workable consultation process among EPA, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.