Nissan, Gowan Form New Company

Published online: Jul 01, 2004
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Nissan Chemical Industries Ldt and Gowan Company LLC have formed a new company, Canyon Group LLC, effective June 30.

The company represents a long-term partnership involving the commercialization of certain Nissan and Gowan products in North America.

Initial and mid-term products include triallate, a recently purchased herbicide for weed control in several grain and legume crops, as well as products from Nissan that are part of its hallosulfuron-methyl and quixalofop-p-ethyl herbicides, along with pyridaben acaricide/insecticide chemistries

In addition, sales supporting transitional Nissan agreements with various companies in North America will be channeled through Canyon. The new company is expected to increase its business through product acquisitions and label expansions.

Gowan will assume primary responsibility for markeing, development, registration, sales, formulation and supply chain management. Both Nissan and Gowan expect to improve their business.

Nissan Chemical America Corporation, the U.S. Affiliate, closed its Chicago office June 30 to establish headquarters for Canyon Group LLC in Yuma, AZ, where Gowan conduts its agriculture business.

L.D. Miller, who has been Nissan's general manager for agriculture products, will manage the new company.