Serenade From AgraQuest Labeled For Potatoes

Published online: Jun 15, 2004
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Serenade, which contains a unique, patented strain of Bacillus subtilis (QST 713)  which produces over 30 different lipopeptides that work synergistically to destroy disease pathogens and provide superior antimicrobial activity, now has a label for potatoes.

Used since 2000 on other vegetables and fruits, it will enter the potato market where AgraQuest says it will help control late and early blight.

AgraQuest's products are based on naturally ocurring microbes that are not genetically altered from their natural state. Hundreds of field trials have confirmed they are as effective for conventional treatments for major crop pests and pathogens.

Called a natural pest management tool as an alternative to conventional pesticides, the Davis, CA, company has it labeled for 20 different vegetable and fruit crops.

AgraQuest can bring a natural pest management product to market in about three years and for about $6 million, compared to new chemical pesticides which take at least $100 million and up to 10 years to register for use.

Serenade comes in two formulations, Serenade Wettable Powder which comes in 24-pound bags and aqueous suspension which comes in three-gallon containers with the same active ingredient as the dry formulation.

BS has three groups of lipopeptides which work together to destroy disease-causing pathogens. It stops harmful spores from germinating, it disrupts germ tubes and mycelial growth and it inhibits attachment of the plant pathogen to the leaf by production of a zone of inhibition which restircts the growth of the disease.

The product is a flexible tank-mix option, is safe for workers with just a four-hour re-entry interval, and is compatible for IPM programs.