Rimon Ready To Nab Beetles

Published online: Jun 02, 2004
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The recent registration of Rimon insecticide, a broad-spectrum potato insecticide with a unique mode of action, will help growers improve control of juvenile populations of Colorado potato beetle and other insect pests, and help manage insect resistance.

Rimon offers a mode of action unlke that of conventional insecticides, which attack the nervous system of insects. Rimon controls insects by interfering with chitin development. Applied when insect pests are in the larval or nymph stages of development, Rimon prevents immature CPB, beet armyworms, loopers, potato tuber moths and whiteflies from reaching the next growth stage.

Rimon is approved for use on potatoes and sweet potatoes.

While Rimon will not control adult insects, University and field trial studies demonstrate that it will provide excellent control of juvenile insects durng the molting process.

Dr. Tim Weiland, technical manager of Crompton Corporation/Uniroyal Chemical, says trials have demonstrated that Rimon provides equal, if not longer lasting control of CPB larvae than standard treatments.

"Rimon is rainfast on plant tissue, and will provide at least 14 days of residual control when used according to label directions," says Weiland.

"And because Rimon is safe to most beneficial insect species, it is highly compatible with IPM programs and will not flare populations of aphids or other potato pests." Reapplication under heavy infestation may be required to cover new plant tissue.