Processors Use 12 Percent Less

Published online: May 17, 2004
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Processors in Idaho and eastern Oregon used 56.4 million cwt of 2003 crop raw potatoes to May 1, 12 percent less than a year ago.

Idaho potatoes contributed 50.2 million cwt of the total potatoes processed. The remaining 6.15 million cwt were produced in other states.

Processing of the 2003 crop of potatoes totaled 154 million cwt to May 1, down 3 percent from last year. Of the total of 154 million cwt processed, 34.6 million cwt were used for dehydrated products, excluding starch from flour.

Potato stocks held by growers, dealers and processors on May 1 totaled 33.5 million cwt, 1.00 million cwt less than on hand May 1, 2003. Disappearance, at 89.7 million cwt, is down from last year's 98.9 million cwt but up from 2001's 87.7 million cwt.