J.R. Simplot Will Introduce Healthier Fry

Published online: May 18, 2004 Reuters
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According to Reuters in New York City Monday, the J.R. Simplot company will introduce a healtheir french fry by removing trans-fats from its products.

Simplot, which supplies french fries to McDonalds as well as other fast-food chains like KFC, said it has removed the artery-clogging trans-fats from a new line of fries to be called Infinity Fries.

The release states that the fries will have the same taste, aroma, and crispness as traditional fries.

Trans fats are created by a chemical process called hydrogenation, which gives products a longer shelf life. Medical experts believe trans fats are more harmful to the heart than other forms of fat that have been linked to heart disease, such as animal fats.

The fast-food industry has been under scrunity by health experts who say foods like hamburgers and french fries are unhealthy and contribute to obesity.

Since the attack on unhealthy diets, McDonalds and competitors have been trying to develop more healtheir menu options.