Growers Must Watch Diesel Emissions

Published online: May 10, 2004
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EPA Director Mike Leavitt will sign tomorrow the U.S. EPA and the Diesel Technology Forum admission standards for the Clean Air Nonroad Diesel Rule.

The action will affect everything from portable electric generators with less than 10 hp to 6,000-hp mine shovels. This includes the extreme duty cycles that require engines built to both propel the vehicle and operate attachments like buckets, blades and shovels found on farming and construction equipment.

In a press release, the EPA said despite many obstacles in the path, there is no question the industry has a commitment to meet these new aggressive standards.

The work has already started in the manufacturing sector. They are developing aftertreatment technology and collalborating on the development of systems-based reduction strategies to meet the stringent new requirements.

The Diesel Technology Forum represents manufacturers of engines, fuel and emissions control systems. It brings togheter the diesel industry, the broad diesel user community, civic and public interest leaders, government regulators, academics, scientists, the petroleum industry and public health findings and points of-view to current and future uses of diesel power.

For a white paper on nonroad equipment see