Canadian Company To Help Protect Food

Published online: May 19, 2004
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Food Safe International of Toronto announced it has signed a letter of intent with DTG Industries Inc., to create RFID traceability and tracking solutions for perishable fruits and vegetables.

Specifically, Food Safe will work with DTG to industrialize iPico's unique Dual Frequency RFID tags, readers and middleware in perishable containers to provide full traceability from the field to the shelf.

Food Safe and DTG will market and integrate the combined solution to global food producers, thereby creating an integrated food-source management, marketing, source verification system, and food safety process from the producer to the consumer.

Protecting people from food-borne illness is Food Safe's No. 1 priority. Food Safe's comprehensive program is a proactive approach to food safety. Spurred into action by food crises in the global beef industry, there is an international consensus that producers and food industry stakeholders require a reliable methodology and technology for verifying food production and food safety.

Food Safe's goal is also to eliminate food safety and sanitation issues and provide methods to improve procedures to minimize risk and liability.

Food is one of the most mobile commodities traded internationally. Consumers are asking more questions and demanding answers, the company explained.
Whether the commodity is spices (insect contamination), beef (E. coli), strawberries (Hepatitis A, salmonella), fish (mercury) or any of thounsands of foods traded globally, consumers and buyers are demanding new standards of quality, safety and nutritional use.