Hamer, Idaho's Larsen Farms Not Quiting

Published online: Apr 26, 2004
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Web Exclusive
Despite a clarification covered in a preceding news item in Industry News, Larsen Farms wants to re-emphasize that it is not going out of the potato production business.

Some Potato Grower website readers have misinterpreted what was written, believing Larsen Farms is completely going out of the production business. This has led to many questions of the company.

Potato Grower magazine website editors re-emphasize that Larsen Farms is simply making a production/operational change.

The preceding news item explains what the business is attempting to do, re-vamping its operational structure which will allow it to offer excess potato equipment at an auction.

The Potato Grower magazine website editors apologize to readers and Larsen Farms for any confusion the first news item may have caused.