McDonalds Downsizes Fries, Drinks

Published online: Mar 03, 2004
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Announcement was being made today through the electronic and print media in the United States that McDonalds will no longer offer its super-sized fry and soda pop orders.

Bowing to public pressure about high carbohydrate intake by its customers from nutritionists and others, McDonalds will no longer serve the "super-sized meal." It will continue to serve the large-sized fry order, however.

This is following the direction of other quick-serve restaurants in the United States to offer more low-carb foods, smaller-sized meals and other food items.

McDonalds made the french fry famous in the late 1950s and early 1960s as the then California-based QSR sold fries along side its hamburgers as its No. 1 meal.

How this downsizing of McDonalds fry sizes will affect the french fry processing industry is unknown. Some in the industry believe that the diet trend has bottoming out.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Potato Board is urging the french fry processing industry to prepare better fries by making them larger to cut oil intake and switching to better frying oils.

McDonald's has been the world-wide leader in making the french fry a very popular fast-food item.